5 Things You Find in Healthiest Cities in the World

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Criteria for a healthy city is not only related to the physics of the city. People who live there also must be qualified, support each other in performing all the functions of life, and is able to maximize their potential. You want to know what things can be found in the cities of the healthiest in the world?

Illustration: Kansas City

Score high levels of life expectancy
Cities like Hong Kong and Okinawa has a high life expectancy. Okinawa is very concerned about the welfare of the lansianya and recorded as most city lots have people over 90 years of age and older. For residents of Okinawa, a healthy diet and socialization is the best way to reduce stress.

Having a health insurance program and launched a program balanced between life and work
Predicate healthier cities around the world held in Copenhagen, Denmark. This relates to the balance in your work, only 2% of city employees who work more than 40 hours per week. It's no wonder, if people listed as residents of the happiest in the world.

Having a garden of various types of activities
Minneapolis-Saint Paul, USA, has a garden for all: for cycling, walking, playing ball, even special parks for dogs. In addition, there are also many golf courses and a playground for children. The population of cyclists has increased, so the Minneapolis one of the states with the lowest level of air pollution.

It has the best public transport system with minimum exhaust emissions
An example is Tokyo. The city is also working to reduce emissions by expanding the area of ​​the foot and turn the course of bike sharing program. Also, lots of open space where people do sport, and the urban environment is also very clean and tidy.

It has a very clean air
air hygiene factors can determine the quality of life of city dwellers. Vancouver and Calgary, Canada, expressed in cities with the best air quality in the world. The air is clean and "green" throughout the year. In the winter, residents can practice ski and snowboard. If the summer can be operated on track, water skiing, or golf.
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