Take The Opportunity to Nap, This Reason

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Routines what you like to do on weekends? Sleep all day and rest at home? We understand, weekend is the most important to wake up late and nap during the day time. What about working hours? Taking the time to take a nap on weekdays are things that are truly special. Napping was simply great sons of monopoly alone.


But please, feel free to take a nap even briefly. Based on research, a nap for 15-20 minutes a day can help reduce stress and even reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition, the performance of your work will be also improved because of the level of alertness and focus will increase after a nap.

Sleep duration was also an effect on your performance. Nap for 20 minutes, either to improve focus and motor, such as typing or playing the piano skills. Meanwhile, nap for 30-60 minutes can improve the ability to make decisions or remembering a memory. Then take a nap for 60-90 minutes can improve the brain's ability to solve problems or creative work.

What about coffee? Many of you who make coffee as a savior in times of attack drowsiness. But it turns out, the caffeine in coffee can decrease performance in a given. Level making mistakes is also higher compared to if you take a nap.

Here are some quick tips for you:
  • Consistent
    Make it a routine and consistent program with the habit of napping. For example, take a nap from 13:00 until 13:30.
  • Quick
    You do not want 'the boss scolded him for taking too much time to sleep? Install the alarm on your cell phone for 30 minutes or less, so do not rush when he woke up.
  • Atmosphere
    Sleep in a dark room or use a blindfold so you can fall asleep faster sleep.

Well, it turns nap can not only eliminate sleepiness. The benefits are also very large in terms of health. Let's start routine nap!
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